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Are you trying to get your video to go VIRAL? there’s a brand new way to get your videos to go viral. It’s called Direct Viral Videos.

Remember when you had to seat up all night and post your video link on thousands of social media…ok, maybe not thousands..but it was a lot. After you spent hours posting and reposting and sharing your video link on all your social media…all you got after a few weeks gone by was about 25 views, if you’re lucky.

Welcome to the future of social media advertising, instead of you spending your days in front of the computer and hours at night posting your video link and days looking for ad space to advertise on. Direct Viral Videos has a very good idea on how to help you get more views and give you the online advertising space you need for your video (s) plus give you more media exposure you’ll need to get more followers that will keep watching your videos.
It would be like having your own media agent working for you. Your big question is,
“How Much Will This Cost Me?” And that’s a fair question to ask because it will cost you a shockingly low rate if you have Direct Viral Video work for you rather than you contact the advertising marketing people on your own. WHY? Because Direct Viral Media owns their website and all their marking connections advertising ad space on their website, and they are well known to the social media groups plus they can advertise their own website worldwide with your video added to the site for thousands to view every day
And…. the best part of it all, you’ll see on your view count that Direct Viral Video is working to get the view counts you requested.

Keep in mind ” Direct Viral Videos” make no guarantee that you’ll get thousands of views each day…but do guarantee that your video will be seen and get advertised on their Viral Video website for everyone to view if they click on your video. Let’s not forget the FRONT PAGE advertise, you can place your video on the front page of the Direct Viral Video website. This will showcase your video upfront giving the viewers the first choice to click on your video link.
How does it work you ask? It’s easy… your video link will be copied and past on our special video aa section. This video section will send our viewers to your original video location so you’ll be able to get the view counts and your visitors can leave you a comment on the video you created. How cool Is that?

Now, do you see why Direct Viral Video is the best way to make your video go viral?

Visit them at
Go to the contact page and request “Make my video viral” and you’ll get a
real person replying back with full details.

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